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Student performing aquatic research

The SETAC North America Advocacy Council (SAC) has established a Student Training Exchange Opportunity (STEO) to support SETAC student members in North America. This award is intended to provide students an opportunity to gain experience from universities (other than the student’s home institution), business and government agencies that will support student advancement and training. The fund will provide up to $1,000 to students who need monetary support. This fund is provided by monies raised from the annual Silent Auction to help defray costs associated with internship travel and lodging, equipment or supplies needed to complete research objectives.


Applicant must be a active SETAC student member who is enrolled in a North American (Canada, U.S. or Mexico) accredited college or university and is in his or her first year of a master’s degree program or in his or her first–fourth year in a doctorate program. Students can be in any field of study encompassed by SETAC (e.g., environmental toxicology, chemistry, environmental policy or environmental economics).

Monetary support equal to or greater than the Training Exchange Award (matching support) must be provided by the student’s institution, advisor or other sources. A maximum of one award will be given to any one person.

Application Instructions

To apply, please submit the following materials to Laura Swanson. The deadline for this application will be determined soon. Failure to meet the deadline or to follow instructions invalidates the application. The STEO application packet must contain all the materials requested to be considered for this award. Be sure to follow directions and assemble the award package as outlined below. Length of each item must not exceed the length guidelines given below.

  • Cover page containing title of proposed project for funding, student name, address, phone and email of applicant (one page)
  • Statement of research interest in your field of study, including a statement containing the amount and proposed use of requested funding, along with a statement of educational or professional goals and accomplishments by the applicant, and brief statement of how these goals and accomplishments coincide with the mission of SETAC (maximum of two pages)
  • Supplemental financial support (from other sources) for completing your research objectives (maximum of two pages)
  • Letter of support from the institution or agency where the training will occur
  • Letter of endorsement by the applicant’s faculty advisor (one page)
  • Curriculum vitae (résumé) of the applicant (one page)

Selection Process

The number of STEO awards is limited by available funds, with one or two opportunities awarded each year. Members of the SAC will evaluate each application and rank all applications based on the following criteria:

  • Completeness and timeliness of the application package
  • Originality and scientific merit of the project
  • Demonstrated financial need and additional sources of support
  • Quality of educational or professional goals and accomplishments in relation to the background of the applicant; organization and presentation of the applicant’s statement of goals and accomplishments; and research interests

Because the number of highly meritorious applicants may exceed the available funds, selection will be made with the objectives of maintaining educational, discipline and geographic-based distribution. Students may be awarded one award during their advanced degree program.

Requirements for STEO Recipients

A one-page report detailing the results of the exchange must be submitted to Laura Swanson by the student no later than three months after completing their exchange.

For further information, contact Laura Swanson.