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Applications must be submitted by 17 March 2020.
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The Emeritus Membership award is a high honor usually reserved for retirees who have made sustained and distinguished contributions to the global SETAC Society and one or more of its geographic units. Contributions at the regional chapter level alone are not sufficient to be considered for this honor. Emeritus members are qualified voting members selected and honored in recognition of either their outstanding contribution to the environmental sciences, the advancement of science through SETAC, or leadership and service critical to the mission of SETAC.


The Emeritus Member Award status applies to retired members who have been longstanding members of the society (15 years continuous) and have reached a minimum age of 60 years old. However, the age requirement can be waived and actively working SETAC members with long-standing membership and outstanding service to SETAC may apply.

Application Instruction

Nominations originate from the individual’s Geographic Unit Board of Directors or Council and if approved are then passed along to the SETAC World Council (SWC) for final review and decision. Self-nominations must start with a review and recommendation of support from the individual’s Geographic Unit Board of Directors or Council.

The application package should contain all of the material requested to be considered for the award.

  1. A letter outlining the eligibility of the nominee for the award including:
    • A statement summarising the justification
    •  A list of evidence of other supporting contribution to environmental toxicology, ecotoxicology, environmental chemistry, and/or the mission of SETAC through demonstrated and sustained SETAC activities
    •  Description of any leadership positions held as a SETAC Member and how the leadership advanced the mission of SETAC.
    •  A list of other significant contributions and achievements to SETAC that will help the SWC evaluate the application to Emeritus Membership
  2. Evidence for the outstanding contribution to environmental science, and/or the operational mission of SETAC. Evidence can derive from several different activities
    • Regulatory application of SETAC science, educational communication of SETAC science, scientific advancements, governmental policy enhancements, society fund raising etc. The SWC will assess the outstanding nature of the activities on a case-by-case basis.
    • Establishment or development of a major scientific initiative of relevance to SETAC and/or one of its Geographic Units
    • A sustained and innovative contribution to the science of environmental toxicology, ecotoxicology and/or environmental chemistry as evidenced by journal publications in the international literature (“extra credit” in the application evaluation process will be granted by the SWC for publications in ET&C and IEAM if the application is based primarily upon scientific contributions)
    • A sustained and high level commitment to the SETAC organization through demonstrated leadership of SETAC Committees, Interest Groups, Board of Directors, and Councils
    • Other leadership positions held and achievements/volunteer efforts in support of SETAC and its mission.
    • Regional chapter/branch level involvement only is not sufficient involvement to qualify for this honor.

Benefits of Emeritus Membership

Emeritus Members of SETAC are full voting members of the Society and may hold office within the SETAC World Council and any of its geographic units and local branches or chapters. Emeritus Members receive:

  • Complimentary lifetime membership including free online access to the two SETAC journals, Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry and Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management
  • Discounts (50%) on registration fees to attend annual meetings, focused topic meetings, professional development programs and other events sponsored by SETAC
  • Discounts (50%) on SETAC Publications, web casts and recorded digital events
  • Emeritus members are encouraged to become active participants in the SETAC Senior Resource Group

For further information contact Rebecca Bundschuh