The SETAC Europe EDANA Award for Life-time Achievement in Life Cycle Assessment recognizes the outstanding contributions of individuals and/or organisations in promoting life cycle thinking and improving LCA approaches and is awarded biannually.

Rolf Frischknecht, Switzerland, 2020
Michael Hauschild, Denmark, 2018
Angeline de Beaufort, Netherlands, 2016
Mark Goedkoop, Netherlands, 2014
Bengt Steen, Sweden, 2012
Ruedi Müller-Wenk, Switzerland, 2010

The Noack Laboratorien Outstanding Science Career Award is to recognise a scientist for their contribution to environmental toxicology and chemistry over a prolonged period of time. The winners demonstrate an outstanding record of interdisciplinary activities related to science on a global scale that traverse SETAC’s tripartite sectors of business, government and academia.

This award started in 2020

Ionan Marigomez Allende, Spain, 2020

The SETAC Europe Rifcon Early Career Scientist Award has been created to support SETAC Europe’s Strategic Goal 7 that aims to establish career development opportunities for SETAC members.

Michael Burkard, Switzerland, 2020

The SETAC Europe Young Scientist LCA Award recognizes exceptional achievements by a young scientist in the field of life cycle assessment.

Nadia Mirabella, Belgium, 2020
James Joyce, Sweden, 2019
Rickard Arvidsson, Sweden, 2018
Eléonore Loiseau, France, 2017
Anders Bjørn, Denmark, 2016
Anne-Marie Boulay, Canada, 2014
Rosalie Van Zelm, Netherlands, 2013
Miguel Brandão, Spain, 2012
Stephan Pfister, Switzerland, 2011
Jesper Hedal Kloverpris, Denmark, 2010

The two Young Scientist Awards (YSA) honour an individual prominent performance by a student for the Best Platform Presentation and the Best Poster Presentation at the SETAC Europe annual meeting.

2019 Award Winners at the SETAC Europe 29th Annual Meeting, Helsinki, Finland

ECETOC Best Platform Presentation Simone Rizzuto, United Kingdom
Best Poster Presentation Maxime Gauthier, Canada

2018 Award Winners at the SETAC Europe 28th Annual Meeting, Rome, Italy

ECETOC Best Platform Presentation Michael Bertram, Australia
Best Poster Presentation Hanna Joerss, Germany

2017 Award Winners at the SETAC Europe 27th Annual Meeting, Brussels, Belgium

ECETOC Best Platform Presentation Richard Cross, United Kingdom
Best Poster Presentation Amandine Laffite, Switzerland

2016 Awards Winners at the SETAC Europe 26th Annual Meeting, Nantes, France

ECETOC Best Platform Presentation Yuan Pan, United Kingdom
Best Poster Presentation Riccardo Massei, Germany

2015 Award Winners at the SETAC Europe 25th Annual Meeting, Barcelona, Spain

ECETOC Best Platform Presentation Daniela Batista, Portugal
Best Poster Presentation (sponsored by Sabadell Banc Foundation) Fabian Fischer, Germany

2014 Award Winners at the SETAC Europe 24th Annual Meeting, Basel, Switzerland

ECETOC Best Platform Presentation Steffi Bohme,  Germany
Tom Feijtel Best Poster Presentation Deedar Nabi, Switzerland

 2013 Award Winners at the SETAC Europe 23th Annual Meeting, Glasgow, United Kingdom

Best Platform Presentation Julita Stadnicka-Michalak, Switzerland
Best Poster Presentation King Yan Ho, Hong Kong

2012 Award Winners at the SETAC 6th World Congress & SETAC Europe 22nd Annual Meeting, Berlin, Germany

Best Platform Presentation Dorothea Gilbert, Denmark
Best Poster Presentation Lisbeth van Cauwenberghe, Belgium

2011 Award Winners at the SETAC Europe 21st Annual Meeting, Milan, Italy

Best Platform Presentation Charles Hazlerigg, United Kingdom
Best Poster Presentation A. Patricia Tcaciuc, United States


2010 Award Winners at the SETAC Europe 20th Annual Meeting, Seville, Spain

Best Platform Presentation Anne-Marie Boulay, Canada
Best Poster Presentation Andrea Emili, Italy


2009 Award Winners at the SETAC Europe 19th Annual Meeting, Gothenburg, Sweden

Best Platform Presentation Lucia Vergauwen, Belgium
Best Poster Presentation Graeme Hickey, United Kingdom

 2008 Award Winners at the SETAC Europe 18th Annual Meeting, Warsaw, Poland

Best Platform Presentation Emma Schymanski, Germany
Best Poster Presentation Jiri Kohoutek, Czech Republic


2007 Award Winners at the SETAC Europe 17th Annual Meeting, Porto, Portugal

Best Platform Presentation Thijs Van Boxtel, Netherlands
Best Poster Presentation Marcelle Marchand,  South Africa

2006 Award Winners at the SETAC Europe 16th Annual Meeting, The Hague, The Netherlands

Best Platform Presentation Fabienne Moser, Switzerland
Best Poster Presentation Virginie Gillardin, Belgium

 2005 Award Winners at the SETAC Europe 15th Annual Meeting, Lille, France

Best Platform Presentation Dries Knapen, Belgium
Best Poster Presentation Steven Droge, Netherlands

2004 Award Winners at the SETAC Europe 14th Annual Meeting, Prague, Czech Republic

Best Platform Presentation Jan Balaam, United Kingdom
Best Poster Presentation Seiji Hashimoto, Japan

2003 Award Winners at the SETAC Europe 13th Annual Meeting, Hamburg, Germany

Best Platform Presentation Wiebke Meyer, Germany
Best Poster Presentation Antje Gerofke, Germany

2002 Award Winners at the SETAC Europe 12th Annual Meeting, Vienna, Austria

Best Platform Presentation Janet Y.M. Tang, Hong Kong
Best Poster Presentation Masahiko Hirao, Japan

2001 Award Winners at the SETAC Europe 11th Annual Meeting, Madrid, Spain

Best Platform Presentation Katrine Borgå, Norway
Best Poster Presentation Karen Thorpe, United Kingdom

2000 Award Winners at the SETAC Europe 10th Annual Meeting, Brighton, United Kingdom

Best Platform Presentation Emma Smith, United Kingdom
Best Poster Presentation Asa Arrhenius, Sweden

1999 Award Winners at the SETAC Europe 9th Annual Meeting, Leipzig, Germany

Best Platform Presentation Wim de Coen, Belgium
Best Poster Presentation Claire Daniells, United Kingdom

1998 Award Winners at the SETAC Europe 8th Annual Meeting, Bordeaux, France

Best Platform Presentation Maria Granberg, Sweden
Best Poster Presentation Tobias Frische, Germany

1997 Award Winners at the SETAC Europe 7th Annual Meeting, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Best Platform Presentation  Darius Sabalunias, Sweden
Best Poster Presentation  Graeme Taylor, United Kingdom

1996 Award Winners at the SETAC Europe 6th Annual Meeting, Taormina, Italy 

Best Platform Presentation Brigitte Goser, Germany
Best Poster Presentation Florence Pérès, France

1995 Award Winners at the SETAC Europe 5th Annual Meeting, Copenhagen, Denmark

Best Platform Presentation Damjana Drobne, Slovenija
Best Poster Presentation Béatrice Inra, France

1994 Award Winners at the SETAC Europe 4th Annual Meeting, Brussels, Belgium

Best Platform Presentation Frank Wania, Canada
Best Poster Presentation Angélique Belfroid, Netherlands

The NOACK LABORATORIEN Environmental Education award honored activities in the dissemination of knowledge on environmental sciences. This award has ended in 2019.

Henner Hollert, Germany, 2019
Marco Vighi, Spain, 2018
Angel Borja, Spain, 2017
Volker Grimm, Germany, 2016
Kees Van Gestel, Netherlands, 2015
Ronny Blust, Belgium, 2014
Amadeu Soares, Portugal, 2013
Marten Scheffer, Netherlands, 2012
Yogeshkumar “Yogi” Naik, Zimbabwe, 2011
Hans Toni Ratte, Germany, 2010
Lorraine Maltby, United Kingdom, 2009
Almut Beate Heinrich, Germany, 2008
Kristin Schirmer, Germany, 2007
Keith Solomon, Canada, 2006
Peter Calow, Denmark, 2005
Joop Hermens, Netherlands, 2004
John Sumpter, United Kingdom, 2003
Valery S. Petrosyan, Russia, 2002
René Schwarzenbach, Switzerland, 2001
Davide Calamari, Italy, 2000
Hans Teede, Germany, 1999
Nico M.Van Straalen, Netherlands, 1998
Mats Olsson, Sweden, 1997
Alexander J.B. Zehnder, Switzerland, 1996
Otto Hutzinger, Germany, 1995
W.H.O. Ernst, Netherlands, 1994
P. Kowalik, 1993
F.H. Frimmel, 1992
J. Koeman, Netherlands, 1991

The Best Publication Award honoured an outstanding contributions to environmental sciences in the form of a publication in a peer-reviewed scientific journal by a student or early career scientist. This award was terminated in 2019.

Malte Posselt, Sweden, 2019
Mélanie Douziech, Netherlands, 2018
Yang Yue, Switzerland, 2017
Gert Everaert, Belgium, 2106
Vasiliki Tsarpali, Greece, 2016
Thomas Schaubroeck, Belgium, 2015
Martina Pini, Italy, 2015
Hannah Schug, Switzerland, 2015
Iria Gonzalez Mariño, Italy, 2014
Dieter De Coninck, Belgium, 2014
Stephan Fischer, Switzerland, 2014
Martine Jordaan, South Africa, 2013
Lubertus Bijlsma, Spain, 2013
Joana Reis Almeida, Portugal, 2013
Thomas Sizmur, United Kingdom, 2012
Karina Petersen, Norway, 2012
Mirco Bundschuh, Germany, 2012
Annekatrin Dreyer, Germany, 2011
Claire Duchet, France, 2011
Julia Farkas, Norway, 2011
Emma Undeman, Sweden, 2010
Christian Bogdal, Switzerland, 2009
Monica Martinez-Haro, Spain, 2009
Stefanie Knauert, Switzerland, 2009
Alin Mirel Puinean, United Kingdom, 2007
Till Luckenbach, Germany, 2006
Scott Hecht, USA, 2005
Samuel Peña-Llopis, Spain, 2004
Juliette Legler, Netherlands, 2003
Sandra M. Brasfield, Canada, 2002
Niels Jonkers, Netherlands, 2001
Paul van den Brink, Netherlands, 2000
Susana Alves, Portugal, 1999
Yvonne Allen, United Kingdom, 1997