Diversity Attendance Grant application is now closed.

Minority male student

The purpose of the Diversity Attendance Grant is to increase diversity at the SETAC North America Annual Meeting and to provide additional support for students who are African American, Hispanics, and Indigenous Peoples of North America, including but not limited to Native Americans, Native Hawaiians, Alaska Natives, First Nations, Inuit, Métis and the many Indigenous Peoples of Mexico. The award includes a registration waiver and travel stipend for in-person meetings for the student. The number of awards may vary from year-to-year.


The applicant must be a current SETAC student member in good standing and must submit an abstract and intend to present a platform or poster presentation at the SETAC North America annual meeting. If a student receives the Diversity Attendance Grant, it will counts towards the total number of Student Attendance Grants a student can receive.

Application Instructions

Students can apply for a Diversity Attendance Grant during the abstract submission process of the SETAC North America Annual Meeting. Failure to meet the deadline or follow instructions invalidates the application.

The following materials comprise a complete application package.

  • Proof of an active (paid) student membership with SETAC
  • Completed application form
  • CV or resume (2,000 character maximum)
  • A statement of research goals and accomplishments by the applicant (250 word maximum)
  • A supporting statement by the applicant’s research advisor (single page maximum). Please note that the advisor will receive a separate email requesting a supporting statement. The deadline for the letter of support is three days after the abstract submission deadline.

Selection Process

Members of the SETAC North America Awards and Fellowships Subcommittee evaluate and rank all Student Attendance Grant applications. The number of awards will be limited by available funds, and applicants will be ranked on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Completeness and timeliness of the application package
  • Quality of the abstract
  • Organization and presentation of applicant’s statement of goals and accomplishments
  • Availability to volunteer at the annual meeting

If the number of highly meritorious applicants exceeds the available funds, selections will be made with the objective of maintaining equal discipline and geographic-based distribution.

Award Procedure

For in-person events, all monetary stipends will be paid at the annual meeting.

For further information, contact Laura Swanson.