The application deadline is 15 September.


Indigenous woman studyingSETAC North America (SNA) is committed to SETAC values, including scientific and individual diversity and inclusivity in all aspects of governance and programming. SNA is devoted to the inclusion of people from all walk of life to ensure the membership of SNA represents the world in which environmental scientist, managers, and policy makers serve. SNA aims to increase the accessibility for people from diverse backgrounds to attend our annual meetings.

Eligibility: Individuals identifying with an underrepresented group within SETAC North America including:

  • Black, Indigenous Peoples of North America including but not limited to Native Americans, Native Hawaiians, Alaska Natives, First Nations, Inuit, Métis and the many Indigenous Peoples of Mexico and People of Color.
  • Professionals who work at minority-servicing institutions, four-year colleges, and local or regional agencies and groups.

The grant can be summarized as follows:

  • The goal of the grant is that grantees can share their knowledge with the SETAC community as well as to allow them the opportunity to gain knowledge through attending the conference.
  • The grant includes a registration waiver, one-year membership in SETAC and a travel stipend.
  • The grant has two eligibility criteria, in addition to identifying with the demographic, which are: a commitment to attend the meeting in full and demonstrated financial need.
  • The grant’s only limitation is that a guarantor can only receive the grant once every three years.
  • The number of grants and the specifics of the grants (amount of financial travel stipend, if any) varies from year to year based on SNA finances at the discretion of the SNA Board of Directors.

Application Instructions

Applicant must complete the application in full, provide their CV or resume, and include the following information:

  • Check eligibility criteria
  • Commitment to attend the meeting in full
  • Provider national regarding financial need based on the level of support the employer will provide


Past recipients of the grants may reapply for the grant once every three years.

For further information, contact Laura Swanson.