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Applications must be submitted by 17 March 2020.
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The Founders Award is the highest SETAC award and is given to an individual with an outstanding career in the environmental sciences. The individual will have made clearly identifiable contributions to the development of the science, consistent with the goals of SETAC, which are:

  • Promote research, education, communication, and training in the environmental sciences.
  • Promote application of interdisciplinary environmental sciences in managing environmental stressors.
  • Participate in scientific interpretation and communication of exposure to and effects of environmental stressors, ecological risk assessment and management, and solutions for global environmental problems.
  • Provide forums for communication and interactions among professionals on a multi-sector, interdisciplinary, and multinational basis on environmental issues.
  • Develop principles and practices for sustainable environments, considering appropriate ecological, economic, and social aspects.


Membership in SETAC is not a prerequisite for the Founders Award. Individuals with an acknowledged career in any aspect of the environmental sciences, such as research, technical or regulatory contributions, and who have contributed to the development of our understanding of the influence of human activity on the environment, are eligible for the Founders Award.

Application Instructions

Applications are welcomed from individuals nominating themselves as well as applications submitted in support of a candidate.

The application package must contain all of the material requested to be considered for the award.

  1. A letter outlining the eligibility of the nominee for the award
  2. A curriculum vitae of the nominee
  3. Minimum three (3) additional support letters. Letter should provide an explanation on why the candidate should be considered for the award. Sufficient information should be provided to facilitate an objective evaluation of the candidate; details of both the qualities of the candidate and the candidate’s activities in relation to the award description shown above are needed.
  4. The nominee or his/her nominator should provide evidence of the candidate’s effectiveness in influence and outreach through either a science citation index review or other communication/media indicators (book sales, non-peer reviewed articles, etc.)
  5. One high-resolution photo of the nominee

Please submit all documentation together, either in a zipped file or in a PDF.

Selection Process

Nominations will be evaluated independently by members of the SETAC World Council Global Awards Committee using a standardized score sheet. Candidates will be ranked, and the reviewers will then discuss the outcome to determine the recipient. If agreement is not reached by the committee, a resolution will be made by the SETAC World Council. After the successful nominee is notified, unsuccessful candidates will also be informed.

Award Procedure

An appropriate certificate or plaque is given to the awardee at the time of presentation. The Society will pay for the travel and related expenses and will waive the registration fee of the recipient.

For further information contact Rebecca Bundschuh