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Student Attendance Grant (formerly Student Travel Awards)

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In 1991, the SETAC North America Board of Directors established a program to encourage and support the attendance of student members at SETAC North America annual meetings. It is anticipate that approximately 65 grants will be awarded directly to [...]

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Recent Graduate Attendance Grant (formerly Recent Graduate Member Travel Award)

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The SETAC North America Eugene Mancini Endowment Fund Board of Trustees established a SETAC North America Recent Graduate Travel Award in 2017. The purpose of the award is to encourage participation of recent graduates who are SETAC members [...]

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Diversity Attendance Grants (formerly Minority Student and Mentor Travel Award)

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The purpose of the Diversity Attendance Grant is to increase diversity at the SETAC North America Annual Meeting and to provide additional support for students who are African American, Hispanics, and Indigenous Peoples of North America, including but [...]