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Past Europe Award Winners

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The SETAC Europe EDANA Award for Life-time Achievement in Life Cycle Assessment recognizes the outstanding contributions of individuals and/or organisations in promoting life cycle thinking and improving LCA approaches and is awarded biannually. Rolf Frischknecht, Switzerland, 2020 Michael [...]

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Young Scientist Awards (YSA) for the Best Platform and Best Poster Presentation

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The SETAC Europe Young Scientist Awards (YSA) include the best platform and the best poster award and are intended to honour an outstanding individual performance for a scientific work by a student or early career scientist. The ECETOC Best [...]

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Young Scientist Life Cycle Assessment Award

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The SETAC Europe Young Scientist LCA Award recognizes exceptional achievements by a young scientist in the field of life cycle assessment, for example, an extraordinary Ph.D. thesis that provides a significant contribution to LCA development and implementation. This award [...]

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Science Based Risk Communication Award

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Effective risk communication is essential to the well-being of any organization and those people who depend on it. Ineffective communication can cost lives, money, and reputations. SETAC Europe’s Strategic Goal 1C aims to support science-based risk communication (as opposed to emotion based on [...]

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Noack Laboratorien Outstanding Science Career Award

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The SETAC Europe Noack Laboratorien Outstanding Science Career Award is to recognise a scientist for their contribution to environmental toxicology and chemistry over a prolonged period of time. A candidate for the award will demonstrate an outstanding record [...]