SETAC Global Awards recognize contributions of individuals, or groups of individuals, who have made clearly identifiable, outstanding contributions consistent with the goals of SETAC.

The award winners were announced and celebrated during SETAC annual meetings throughout the year.

Founders Award

Theo Brock

Wageningen Environmental Research (Alterra), Netherlands

The prestigious Founders Award is the highest honor SETAC can bestow. It is given annually to an individual whose outstanding career and significant contributions to environmental science reflect the goals of SETAC. Brock is a world-renowned scientist recognized for his expertise as an environmental chemist, ecologist, and risk assessor. He has spent the majority of his career understanding the ecological impacts of pesticides on aquatic systems and promoting a more ecological approach to environmental risk assessment. Dr Brock has actively promoted environment science research through his publications, conference presentations, training courses, supervision of young scientists and leadership of scientific societies. One of Dr Brock’s most impressive qualities, is his ability to work across traditional sectorial bounds to achieve important environmental protection goals. His contributions have been of enormous value as he combines sound science with regulatory insights and pragmatism resulting in the production of science-based regulatory approaches acceptable to all sectors.

Global Partners Capacity-Building Award

Kuan-Chun Lee

Proctor & Gamble, Singapore

The Capacity-Building Award is sponsored by the SETAC Global Partners, and initiated to reflect SETAC’s efforts to enhance the use of science in environmental policy and decision-making in countries where there is a need and/or where there have been requests for capacity building. A significant portion of Lee’s capacity building has been through SETAC Asia-Pacific geographical unit, serving as president on the board and several committees, organizing successful symposia and workshops. Lee has led the P&G and World Wildlife Fund partnership for the Water Stewardship Program in China as well as the sustainable sourcing of materials for all P&G products and packaging including renewable forest products and palm oil. He is a member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), where he served on the Principles & Criteria Taskforce and the groups supporting No Deforestation and Smallholder Standard. Altogether Lee’s leadership within P&G, SETAC, and the RSPO have created significant amount of capacity building to the Asia-Pacific region in the form of education opportunities, professional development, and training. 

Fellows Award

SETAC Fellows have demonstrated achievement in science or science policy and possesses institutional knowledge of the society. Click here for a complete list of SETAC Fellows.

Gertie Arts

Wageningen University and Research, Netherlands

Douglas Fort

Fort Environmental Laboratories, United States

Charles Menzie

Exponent, United States

Patricia Ramirez Romero

Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana-Iztapalapa, Mexico

Ross Smith

Hydrobiology, Australia

Chris Wood

University of British Columbia, Canada

SETAC Emeritus Membership

Pim de Voogt

Emeritus Professor University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The Emeritus Membership status is a high honor reserved for retirees who have made sustained and distinguished contributions to the global SETAC Society and one or more of its geographic units.  Emeritus members are honored in recognition of their outstanding contribution to the environmental sciences, the advancement of science through SETAC, and leadership and service critical to the mission of SETAC.

SETAC / ICA Chris Lee Award

Christopher J. Kotalik

Colorado State University, United States

The SETAC / ICA Chris Lee Award for Metals Research, sponsored by The International Copper Association and initiated by the Society to recognize the leadership and technical contributions by the late Dr. Chris Lee, honors a graduate student or recent graduate who has focused on research related to the fate and/or effects of metals in the environment.

ET&C Best Paper Award

Gabrielle Ruso

University of Saskatchewan, Canada

Detecting Amphibians in Agricultural Landscapes Using Environmental DNA Reveals the Importance of Wetland Condition

Gabrielle Ruso, Christy A. Morrissey Natacha S. Hogan Claudia Sheedy, Melanie J. Gallant, Timothy D. Jardine

ET&C Volume 38, Issue 12

IEAM Best Paper Award

Scarlett Graham

Western Washington University, USA

Using Bayesian Networks to Predict Risk to Estuary Water Quality and Patterns of Benthic Environmental DNA in Queensland

Scarlett E Graham, Anthony A Chariton, and Wayne G Landis

IEAM Volume 15, Issue 1

Best Student Paper Award


Sponsored by

Direct Measurement of Acid Dissociation Constants of Trace Organic Compounds at Nanomolar Levels in Aqueous Solution by Condensed PhaseMembrane  Introduction Mass Spectrometry

Jackelyn F. Feehan, Joseph Monaghan, Chris G. Gill, and Erik T. Krogh

ET&C Volume 38, Issue 9

Jackelyn Feehan

Vancouver Island University, Canada

Joseph Monaghan

Vancouver Island University, Canada